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Whether you are a resident or just visiting, if you share a love to scuba dive and you are interested in exploring what New York has to offer a diver... We invite you to join us in some of our diving events on our schedule, or check out our Associated Clubs list to see what events may be happening near you.



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JUNE 8-10 2018





Saint Lawrence River


HostMotel: Stone Fence Motel, Ogdensburg,NY


NYSDA's 56th Convention will be held on The St Lawrence River

Host Motel will be the Stone Fence Resort in Ogdensburg, NY

7191 State Highway 37 Riverside Drive Ogdensburg, NY 13669

Toll Free: (800) 253-1545 Phone: (315) 393-1545 Fax: (315) 393-1749

Call today and make your reservation

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